Graphics from Trifaith's The Love Dare kit

Splashes of Joy: Chapter 4

Barbara Johnson has always written about her "Box of Joy" and how it "injects her with confidence". I really love this concept probably because it's super easy to do! Just look around your house for a bag or a shoebox and start filling it with things that make you happy! For example:

  • Did your child get a good grade on a paper that he worked so hard for? Put it in there!
  • Did you get a postcard from someone special in your life and it brings joy to your heart every time you see it? Put it in there!
  • Do you have a favorite magazine that you tear out articles/pictures from and they end up in the trash? Put them in there!

I like to have a daily meltdown it reminds me that I am an imperfect human! I don't have time to look at my box everyday but when i do make the time it really reminds me that there is so much more to life than my pathetic temper tantrums! I hope you consider starting a box today!